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Zip into a New Season

Chicopee Tube Park is an anchor destination in Waterloo Region.

Visit us for snow tubing in the winter and for zip lining in the summer for a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Welcome to Chicopee Tube Park 

Chicopee Tube Park welcomes guests of all ages, races, genders, abilities, religions, and identities. Our management and staff are committed to creating a safe experience for everyone.

Our Home and
Native Land.

Chicopee Tube Park is situated on the traditional lands of the Neutral, Anishinaabeg, and Heudenosaunee Peoples. We respectfully acknowledge our shared responsibility to honour their rights and enduring traditions.

Forest Image


Our environmental protection plan Green Pathways guides our approach to environmental innovation and activism. Learn more about our various environmental initiatives →

Eat, Play & Stay in Waterloo Region

Your Adventure Awaits, an inclusive package of Local Food, Outdoor Adventures of Canoeing,  Zip Lining & a Hotel Stay

Adventure Day Camps!

Canoeing & Zip Lining Together

Make it a weekend getaway!

For group rates and overnight stays visit Courtyard by Marriot Kitchener
or call 519-894-9500

Looking for a unique meeting space?

Check out the Pine Valley Chalet for your next event or corporate meeting!
Click here for details


Zip Lining

Our MiniMe and Pineridge zip lines cater to all levels of experience.

Our trained and highly skilled staff will provide instruction and take care of all of the details to ensure your safety.




Zip Lining

Rules and Safety

What you need to know before your visit

Zip Lining Requirements

  1. Must wear closed toe shoes.

  2. Must be minimum 4 years of age.

  3. Must be minimum 50lbs. Maximum 275lbs.

  4. Must be minimum 3.5 ft (42") tall. Maximum 6.5 ft (78").

  5. Helmets are required for guests under 12 and are optional for guests over the age of 12.
    Helmets and full harness gear are provided by Pine Valley Tube Park

  6. Must Sign online waivers.

Obey all signs and officials.

Rules & Safety
Fries with Ketchup

Heaton Up the Grill

We are excited to welcome Heaton Up the Grill to Kitchener!

Located at Chicopee Tube Park, this food truck serves homemade burgers, fresh cut fries, and more!



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image of Gift Cards sold at Chicopee Tube Park, rustic brown with orange and green logo.

Our gift cards can be used year-round for ziplining and snow tubing.

Gift Card
child in yellow helmet with zip line gear on with very large smiling, forest in background.
Persons Actively Zip Lining with Blue Sky

Weather Policy

In the event of rain or thunderstorms, Chicopee Tube Park reserves the right to temporarily shut down the attractions until it's deemed safe to reopen them. Rain passes will only be given if the Park is unable to reopen for operation. We reserve the right to close the Park and cancel bookings due to inclement weather. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be issued on daily ticket purchases or advanced ticket purchases for special events. Exclusive booking deposits are non-refundable and credits cannot be awarded. Gift Cards are non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash. Chicopee Tube Park is not responsible for lost, stolen, or destroyed gift cards.

Weather Policy

Phone 519-895-2322 
Toll Free


1600 River Road East

Kitchener, Ontario

N2A 4K8

Operating Hours  


Office Hours 

Monday 10:00am - 3:00pm

Tuesday  10:00am - 3:00pm

Wednesday 10:00am - 3:00pm

Thursday 10:00am - 3:00pm

Friday 10:00am - 3:00pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

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Contact, Hours, and Loction
Green Pathways
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Green Pathways

Our environmental protection plan Green Pathways guides our approach to environmental innovation and activism.

House Of Commons representative speaking

Chicopee Tube Park receives recognition for Green Pathways in Canada's Parliamentary House of Commons!

The Green Pathways concept embodies Chicopee Tube Park's approach to sustainability, addressing the needs of visitors, the tourism industry, the environment, and host communities. Chicopee Tube Park is known as an anchor attraction within the Waterloo Region. This is defined as a tourism asset that prompts tourists and guests to travel 40 km or more to access the attraction.

We firmly believe in protecting the extraordinary environment we operate in. As we celebrate and honour the beauty of green space in an urban setting, the park wants to ensure that the generations that follow us have an opportunity to experience nature the way we do today. It is this sense of stewardship that gave rise to Chicopee Tube Park’s Green Pathways. This concept is the foundation for sustainable tourism that all resort operations need to focus and invest in for the future. The necessary action to support sustainability at Chicopee Tube Park started with the first phase goal of implementing water efficiency technology.

Sustainability award presented to Chicopee Tube Park

The first phase implemented water efficiency technology by constructing a snowmaking water holding pond in 2013. This pond facilitated the collection and recycling of rainwater, allowing the park to substantially reduce its dependance on the municipal supply by more than half (4,023,340 gallons).


Water is a vital resource for snowmaking purposes. These significant measurables we achieved within the first phase are stated below:

  • Since the pond construction was completed approximately 2,851,235 gallons of water were removed from the use of our initial Municipal benchmark water figure (4,023,340) necessary for snowmaking. The newly constructed Pond captured rain falls and was filled by the end of November 2013. 

  • Further, with the building of our pond, the excavated earth and soil from construction was used to build a reserve slope, which is key in controlling tubing speed and necessary for safety of tubers. Continuously, with the use of native soil to create this slope we also reduced our need for water and snow that previously was necessary to create a reserve slope each season.

  • The Park is capturing an additional 700,070 gallons of water during the months of December & January, during the times of winter rain events, and meltdowns. This water re-generates the holding pond and is made back into snow during the winter season when required. This process of water efficient technology is the implementation of water recycling.

The first phase was a great success!


Then the second phase was to begin. Plans were drawn up to expand the drainage system to capture even more storm water run-off using MTE engineering expertise in 2016. At this point the Park ran out of time to implement drainage plans as designed, as other Park priorities put this proposed work on hold and postponed for a later date and time.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a great impact on the Ontario tourism industry, and in some cases led to a complete and total shutdown. CTP was no exception, and the realization that the need for a government support program was necessary to create a meaningful recovery for tourism investment. The Park made an application to Fed Dev in July of 2021 and was granted financial assistance. The MTE engineering plans were taken off the shelf and work had started up again, we were then able to commence the construction of the second phase of our Green Pathways concept. 

The second phase is focused on capturing an additional 472,035 gallons of water from storm water run-off locations at Chicopee Tube Park. Some construction achievements were reached throughout the summer & fall of 2022 and are stated below:

  • The drainage system was expanded as intended in the MTE design. This expansion captures water off the roof areas of two of the existing park buildings using eavestroughs. These Eavestroughs were re-configured to re-direct water into the expanded drainage system. In the past this storm water would have just drained out onto Parking Lot areas. 

  • Continuously, the drainage pipe was extended into slope areas with contours that normally would have directed water out onto the municipal road system. In the wintertime this run-off water and freeze cycles would have been dealt with by salting road surfaces. Now it is captured and directed through the holding pond and Snowmaking process.

​Recap Table on Water Values Obtained
All figures shown in gallons.

Municipal Water Benchmark Used in 2013

First Phase Removal & Recovery

In Season Re-generation 

Second Phase Water Recovery -2022

Summary Value Objective






Please note, to verify and obtain measurement outcomes, all the pumps and compressors have hour/use meters in place. This confirms water values and allows for an on-site method of tracking actual machine time worked.

The Park has a self-contained sewage treatment system that does not impact the existing municipal sewage system. This adds to the Park’s focus on being a completely sustainable operation. With the completion of the second phase extended the drainage network, capturing of more storm water run-off, the Park should reach the summary value shown on the Recap Table.


The park is always striving for greater hydro savings. This has been achieved by replacing inefficient Light fixtures with LED’s or changing cooking equipment from electric power to natural gas as an energy source. We will continue to strive to identify environmental impacts and implement further sustainability protocols within Chicopee Tube Park. 


Once again “Green Pathways” is a concept covering just about everything the Park could think of from energy conservation to protecting our natural resources. The only off-site resource requirement is treated municipal drinking water for human consumption.


To make Green Pathways a reality the Park was fortunate to have Region of Waterloo, GRCA, Fed Dev, Reep Green Solutions and Kitchener Wilmot Hydro as partners. Chicopee Tube Park will continue to address environmental sustainability where possible, and further reduce our environmental impact, to do our part to ensure the future of our environment for the generations to come. 

Green Pathways Timeline


In 2013, we built a holding pond and cistern to collect rainwater for snowmaking. This initiative has allowed us to reduce the amount of municipal water required for snowmaking by 76-100% each year since implementation, depending on rainfall, temperature, and timing.

Here's how it works:

  • First, we collect water at various capture points on our property. Then, we redirect that water to the holding pond, where we can store up to 1,104,000 gallons of water.

  • We used the soil removed from the pond area to fill parts of our hill that were previously filled with human-made snow. Through this initiative, we have been able to further reduce our water consumption by 25% (approximately 1,005,835 gallons).

  • By using untreated storm water as opposed to chlorinated municipal water, we are able to produce the same amount of snow with 10% less water and 15% less electricity, as untreated water yields more snow.

  • This has allowed us to save over 41,400 gallons of water and over 34,000 KWH in electricity per season; and, as a result, we have saved approximately $6000 in electricity costs each year through Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro's Save-on-Energy Retrofit program.


In 2014, we upgraded to energy-efficient snowmaking guns to reduce our hydro hours by 7%.


In 2016, The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario recognized our efforts and awarded General Manager Bob Harris with its coveted
Sustainable Tourism Award.

Thank you, Region of Waterloo, Grand River Conservation Authority, REEP Green Solutions, Kitchener Wilmot Hydro, and Second Harvest for partnering with us on our Green Pathways initiatives!


In 2018, we implemented a Snomax system. Snomax technology uses a naturally occurring biological material to produce snow with a more resilient chemical structure and a higher melting point — without any negative environmental impacts! Thanks to this system, we will be able to produce more snow using less energy, and substantially increase our hydro efficiency


In 2022, we partnered with the RAIN program at REEP Green Solutions to expand our drainage system. This project has allowed us to collect additional stormwater run-off from our driveways and parking lots to redirect an additional 524,140 gallons of water 

to the holding pond. This initiative will also reduce the potential for erosion of the conservation trail behind the Park and lessen the load on the municipal stormwater drainage system.

We have also registered with the Second Harvest food rescue program to reduce our food waste.

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