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Looking for a unique and new activity to celebrate this year? There’s no better way to enjoy a Summer Birthday! If you are interested in having a Birthday party at Pine Valley Tube Park, please consider the following. 

The Tube Park does not offer Birthday cakes or decorations. You are able to bring your own but we are not able to store the cake in a cooler place. 

The Tube Park is not responsible for any presents and/or personal belongings left unattended. 

Please contact the office at least two weeks in advance to confirm.
Two outside table reservations are available, as there is a
max of 4 per table
Maximum of 10 people 

All prices are in CAD dollars

Party Perks

  • Free birthday child admission

  • One bottled pop or water per person

  • One Freezie or popsicle per person


Be sure to stay hydrated!!​

We provide you with bottled water or pop (one per person), but encourage you to bring your own reusable canteen bottles (no plastic bottles) to use in the park. *Please note that extra bottles of water/pop and freezies/popsicles are available for purchase.

  • Zip Lining must be booked in advance.

  • Closed Toe Shoes are required.

  • Must be minimum 50lbs. Maximum 275lbs

  • Must be minimum 4 years of age.

  • Minimum 42 inches (3.5 ft). Maximum 78 inches (6.5 ft)

  • Full harness gear and helmets provided.

3 rides

$28 + tax

Zip Line

How to book

To ensure the time/date you would like is available, please schedule your Outdoor Adventure with us at least two weeks in advance.  To discuss booking details and availability please contact us:


Call us

Email us

Please note: Group bookings are not confirmed without a reservation/confirmation form. Forms must be filled out and confirmation received from a Pine Valley representative to ensure your booking is valid.

You will receive a written confirmation form once the date and time has been confirmed.

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