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Day Camps

Camp Outing Activities

For Every Day Camp:

  • Zip Lining must be booked in advance.

  • Closed toe shoes are required.

  • Must be minimum 50lbs. Maximum 275lbs

  • Must be minimum 4 years of age.

  • Minimum 42 inches (3.5 ft). Maximum 78 inches (6.5 ft)

  • Full harness gear and helmets provided.

Zip Lining

Mini Me/PineRidge

3 Rides

per camper

Intro to Canoeing & Zip Lining

2× Zip Line Rides & Intro to Canoeing
(approx. 4 hours total)

per camper

Key Points

  • Geared towards groups of up to 30 participants

  • Start your day off at Canoeing the Grand

  • Your campers will enjoy an informative canoeing lesson followed by on-water paddling fun!

    • Campers will learn:

      • Parts of the canoe & paddle

      • Basic paddle strokes

      • Safely entering & exiting the canoe

      • General boating safety

  • After your time at Canoeing the Grand, your bus/transportation will bring you to Chicopee Tube Park where you can enjoy your lunch and end your day with Ziplining (2×rides each)

Grand Experience Adventure Camp

Full Day- Canoe The Grand + 2 Zip Line Rides

per camper

Key Points

  • Minimum of 40 participants to a maximum of 125 participants.

  • Canoeing has fleet size that can comfortably service this level of Guest demand.

  • Enjoy the morning on the grand river in a canoe, followed by lunch at Chicopee Tube Park, and end the day with an exciting zip line!  

  • Your camp would begin at Canoeing the Grand (Breslau). After completing the on-water experience (approx. 2.5 hours), campers land their craft at Canoeing the Grand. Your bus would bring your camp CTP, a short five minute drive. Again, all details will be confirmed in advance by the Park's Event organizer.

  • Included in the price are the following: two Zip Line runs at CTP, Rental of Canoes, space for lunch at CTP

  • Supervisor (Complimentary 1:10) ratio

  • All prices are tax inclusive

  • Please review our hours, rules and safety tips pertaining to the various activities prior to visiting.

Preparing for Arrival

Children MUST be in groups of 10 with assigned counselors/leaders based on the required ratio prior to arrival. Each of these groups MUST be assigned group numbers 1,2,3, etc. Example, Sarah has group number 1 with 10 children ages 7-9 with one additional counselor required. Some other points:


  • Counselors MUST know how many and what children are in their group prior to arrival. Time is invaluable upon arrival and need not be wasted with counselors trying to confirm what group they have. For the safety of the children arriving this is something that should be confirmed prior to boarding the bus and departing from your day camp site.

  • We understand that in some cases Day Camps provide their own lunch or require children to bring their own.  If your Day Camp opts to use the Park’s food services, please advise the Park in advance so that the staff can prepare.

  • The ratio of counselors/leaders to children is 1:4 (ages 4-5), 1:6 (ages 7-9) and 1:10 (age 10+). One complimentary activity ticket issued per counselor/leader based on stated ratios

What do I need to Bring On The Field-Trip?

In the event there is more than one Camp booked on the same day, the Park suggests using coloured shirts or wristbands to readily identify your Campers.

Some other items to think about:

  • Wear comfy closed-toe shoes

  • A water bottle

  • Sunscreen

Payment in the form of debit, credit card or cheque is required on the day of visit.

How to Book

To ensure the time/date you would like is available, please fill out the reservation form below and send it to us via fax or email. Once we have received your reservation form we will send you back a confirmation form for your review. We can open earlier than our scheduled hours for large groups of 100 or more looking for a full day outing at our Park.

Call us

Email us

Fax reservation form

Please note: Group bookings are not confirmed without a reservation/confirmation form. Forms must be filled out and confirmation received from a Chicopee representative to ensure your booking is valid.

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