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Grand Experience Adventure Corporate Package

Can you imagine canoeing, ziplining, meals and team building all rolled into a package?

At Chicopee Tube Park we introduce to you a corporate team building and staff event to enjoy a unique outdoor adventure.

We understand all teams are unique, that people with all different backgrounds, ambitions and personalities come together and make up staff teams. This is why we have created this corporate team building package to boost employee morale, build confidence in each other, and reduce employee stress by creating an enjoyable staff environment. 

We offer a package to cater towards your unique needs as a business, including food menus, and activities! With a Minimum of 25 participants to a maximum of 125 participants.

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Adventure Outing Key Points: 

Full day includes Canoeing, Zip Lining, activities capped off with a end of day Social get together.

  • Zip Lining experience applies a zipSTOP safety device and uses magnetic eddy current braking technology to passively brake Zip Liners. Installation adheres to Technical Standards & Safety Association regulatory requirements.

  • Shuttle of employees to the Grand River from Chicopee Tube Park launch site is available. 

  • End your day with a catered meal inside our licensed Air conditioned Day Lodge with access to our large outdoor patio.

  • All details will be confirmed in advance by the Chicopee Tube Park’s Events Coordinator.

Adventure Outing Cost Per Employee

  • Pricing starts @ $55 / Person +HST.
  • Included in this pricing are the following:

    • On-site Orientation Course at Park and two Zip Line runs at Chicopee Tube Park.

    • Rental of Kayak or Canoes as required.

    • Safety Gear and Equipment. 

    • Catered lunch Available at Additional Cost. 


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